An architectural feat and an example of engineering prowess, the Atomium is an iconic feature of Brussels’s landscape. Following its inauguration (1958) and its renovation (2006), the opening of the ADAM (December 2015) will remain a key date in the Atomium’s history.

The ADAM is part of the Atomium vision that was developed at the first post-war World’s Fair (Expo 58) under the slogan of a more human world. The building has a cuboid shape with spheres: in other words, elemental and natural that do not refer to any place, period or culture. They are truly universal, transcending time and space, so that everyone can appropriate and navigate them.

The same goes for ADAM’s vision of making design intelligible to all. Through its choices, its scenography and the diverse means of mediation implemented: everything is done so that the public – regardless of their level of knowledge – can understand the design.

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