Here to be Heard: the story of the Slits

10.03.2020, 7 PM



In collaboration with Cinéma Galeries

In the framework of the exhibition PUNK GRAPHICS. Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die., the ADAM – Brussels Design Museum, in collaboration with Cinéma Galeries, presents a series of documentaries on the punk movement of yesterday and today. Some screenings will be followed by debate or discussion in order to discover different sides of the history of the punk movement.

Each screening starts at 7 PM.

  • 10.03.2020 : Here to be Heard: the story of the Slits (William E. Badgley, 2017)

Here to be Heard: the story of the Slits, directed by William E. Badgley, is a documentary about the world’s first all-girl punk band formed in 1976 London. Contemporaries of The Clash and Sex Pistols, they were the pioneering godmothers of the musical movements known as “Punky Reggae”. The film tells the story of the band and the lives of the women in it, from its’ inception to their end over 30 years later in 2010 at the death of lead vocalist Ari Up.

The documentary will be followed by a discussion on the place of women in the music industry with:

  • Anna Muchin, Writer, Composer, Performer, Music Artist Scarlett O’Hanna. Active for Engagement (

  • Camille Loiseau: Feminist journalist and researcher in gender studies. At the origin of the zine “Indie or Die” dedicated Belgian independent labels, Camille had the time to rub shoulders with a good number of artists and concert halls to ask them the following question: where are the women? It was by working in various cultural places (le Vecteur, Atelier 210) and by participating in debates (Court-Circuit, Laisse Tomber les Filles) that she began to find answers to this question.

  • Mac Kam acts under an artist name and campaigns for an increased representation of women in the cultural sector:
    • Co-director of the LADYFEST BXL feminist, transdisciplinary and inclusive festival: 2019/2020 edition
    • Founder and ex-member of the exclusively female groups (LADY FUCKED UP / THE VAPORELLAS)
    • Polymorphic artist within the BARUMBA Collective
    • Activist within the group F. (s) = Women from the Cultural Sector
    • Founder of MAC KAM PROD

Info : Upon presentation of your Cinéma Geleries’s ticket, receive a €2 discount on the entrance price of the museum.

Practical information :

  • Where : Cinéma Galeries, Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussels
  • When : 12.2019, 07.01.2020, 11.02, 10.03, 21.04, at 7 PM
  • Rate : €8,5 / €6,5 / UGC Unlimited / Article 27
    • Upon presentation of your museum’s ticket, receive a €2 discount
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