The Trade Mart has an interesting façade, with its vertical alignment and bronze coloured mirrored panels, which reflect the thick vegetation of the surroundings. The existing staircase was made of scaffolding, an element both stable and ephemeral, which can be assembled and dismantled countless times.

This structure itself therefore suggested a poetic concept of enduring time and transformation. For this very reason the staircase was preserved. However, it needed to exist in conjunction with the building to which it provides access, so that the entrance heralds the new museum: visitors should be greeted by an appropriately surprising element.

The playful dimension of this approach to design fits in with the cheery visual aspect of the Plasticarium collection on show to the public.


The monumental sculpture in the garden at the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum was created by Guy Bauclair for the 10th anniversary of Trade Mart in 1985, hence its title.

Guy Bauclair studied sculpture at La Cambre. He won renown in the creation of the monumental sculptures for the National Bank of Belgium and for the Buro Design Center (Brussels).

Installation Neon Visual System

This installation has been set up on the ceiling of Gallery 1. Consisting of 101 metres of red neon lighting, it outlines the remarkable concrete alveoli in this 1970s architectural structure.

Sometimes running between the sections, sometimes crossing through their centres, veering to the right or left whilst avoiding the posts, the installation covers the whole ceiling area of the gallery.

It reveals the framework of the construction and the general geometric structure of the alveoli, inviting visitors to raise their eyes and offering them a new and unusual vision of this architectural and artistic network pattern that forms an intrinsic part of the ADAM.


VISUALSYSTEM (VS)  is an association founded in 2007. The main idea of its projects is the reflection on the importance of the digital media in the city of tomorrow.
VS experiments with new technologies and their potential, using light and sound as a spatial and spectral tool. This revolutionary approach gives a preview on the future evolution of the interactive technologies, of the possible applications of LED lightning, of the perception of the space through light and sound on a human dimension as well as on a broader urban scale.

VS unites the artists from various disciplines: image, sound, fine arts, programming, design, architecture. The public participation is important in their works: the spectators are engaged in the creations.

«Visual System exists only through the interaction with their public. The adults are amazed and the children just love it. » Cypel, S., New York Correspondent, in Le Monde of 22/10/2009.

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