At the end of an interactive guided tour of the permanent exhibition, the students develop their knowledge of the subject presented in the exhibition, using their creative skills during a design workshop organized by the pedagogic department of the CIVA.

  • Aimed at children [6-17 years old]
  • Maximum 20 people by group
  • Time : 2:00
  • Languages: FR • NL
  • Available all year round
  • Price: €140/group [+ €5 for the teacher.s]
  • Reservation is mandatory 2 weeks minimum before the date of your visit
  • In case of withdrawal less than 7 working days before the animation, a fee of €60 will be charged.


The ADAM - Brussels Design Museum also engages in the teaching / education of design. This new project is aimed at local schools, by providing children with an initial contact with the design method. Where a design museum meets school is based on the requirements at schools such as cleanliness.

Pupils follow a methodology specific to design where they will be able to develop their creativity to propose concrete solutions within their school.

The methods used are developed so that pupils are able to express their point of view and develop a personal expression. This includes speaking in groups, collaboration, design, brainstorming, the production of a prototype and more.

The project is supervised by a designer and educational professionals.

To organise a collaboration within your school, please contact the educational department of the CIVA.

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